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Spatial and decadal variations in inorganic nitrogen wet deposi...[2014.09.19]
New publication on Journal of Hydrology[2014.07.25]
Researchers have demonstrated that retention of labile organic ...[2013.12.20]
Researchers have clarified the mechanisms and ecological releva...[2013.12.20]
New publication"Equilibration of the terrestrial water, nitroge...[2013.06.09]
New publication"Metallic nanoparticle production and consumptio...[2013.06.09]
Green-up dates in the Tibetan Plateau have continuously advance...[2013.03.26]
·2014 China-US Joint Annual Symposium“Critical Zone Science, Sustainabil... [2015.07.02]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 78: “Measuring the Drivers of Global Cl... [2012.07.18]
·Special Session of China Ecological Forum:Rio+20 and South-South Coopera... [2012.07.16]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 77: “The Unseen Majority: The Role of S... [2012.06.12]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 76: “Eco-efficiency, Eco-effectiveness ... [2012.05.11]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 75: “Climate extremes and grassland pot... [2012.04.10]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 73: “Microbes and Mountains: Metagenet... [2012.03.09]
·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 72: Building Capacity, Exercising Leader... [2011.11.21]
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·International Ecosystem Management Partnership Postdoctoral Research Fel... [2010.12.27]
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