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A New Model for Evaluating Ecosystem Services by Integrating Ec...[2021.09.09]
Interview of UNEP-IEMP Director ZHANG Linxiu Featured on UNEP W...[2020.12.23]
Researchers Reveal the Impact of Greening and Warming to the Ra...[2020.03.12]
Prof. ZHANG Linxiu Attended the 21st Annual Academic Meeting of...[2020.12.23]
Study Reveals Diversity-decomposition Relationships across the ...[2020.08.27]
Chinese Researchers Launch App to Crowdsource Data for Bird Con...[2020.06.18]
A New Study on the Use of Fences for Grazing Exclusion on the T...[2020.06.18]
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·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 137: “Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics and ... [2017.05.11]
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·China Ecological Forum:Lecture 133: “Long Term Ecological Research in ... [2016.11.24]
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·International Ecosystem Management Partnership Postdoctoral Research Fel... [2010.12.27]
·Postdoctoral position is available in LENOM [2010.09.28]
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